agedashi tofu

agedashi tofu
yum yum yum. i’ve always wanted to try to recreate this at home. even though it is fried, it’s a pretty refreshing light dish.
what you need:
potato starch
dashi stock
grated daikon
green onions
shoyu (soy sauce)
sorry i don’t have real measurements, i kinda just eyeballed some recipes that i found online.
1. get your tofu (i used medium firm) and get as much water out of it as you can. i wrap mine in a paper towl and place a heavy cutting board on it. i checked the towel about 4 times and keep wringing the water out till there’s hardly any left.
2. cut your tofu up. i made mine into about 2 to 3 inch pieces.
3. coat your tofu in potato starch and shake off excess.
4. fry in oil about 2 minutes on each side. after frying, place tofu on paper towel to get rid of excess oil.
5. take about 2/3 cup of dashi stock and add to it a spoonful of mirin and shoyu.
6. grate as much daikon as you like. i like LOTS! cut up your green onions.
7. place tofu in bowl and pour dashi mixture in and top off with daikon and green onions. you can also add in bonito flakes but i didn’t have any at hand.
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