LOST… burgers

last night was the premiere of LOST at waikiki beach. what can i say but WTH. i am more lost than ever with that show. not to mention, it was completely packed! we couldn’t find any seats near the beach and had to watch from across the street. 😦 i’m excited for this last season but also sad. i’ve never been one of those people who gets crazy for a tv show, but you would know how we LOST fans feel if you just watch the show. it was a hectic night trying to find parking and maneuvering around the thousands of people, but well worth it. i got to see my favorite tv stars in person, get a sneak peak at the new and last season, and spend time with people i love.

i also got to finally hit up teddys bigger burger last night for the first time. i wanted to try this place because metromix just announced that they were voted the best burger joint in hawaii. i’d have to disagree along with the two other people that were with me. the counter makes a much tastier burger. i honestly thought the burger at teddys tasted like costco burgers. i’m not here to hate on teddys, because it was still a decent size burger and their fries are pretty awesome. so far, with all the burger joints me and my bf have tried on oahu our top two would be:
2. kiawe grill (kobe burger)
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