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shabu shabu vday

i had a lovely valentines day weekend with my bf. we prepared our own shabu shabu at home and i also made some special heart sushi for fun.

make your own shabu shabu at home!

broth: i know alot of people just use water for a healthier option or just chicken broth but i love some added flaver. for my broth i used 1 part chicken broth mixed with the same amount of water. one large spoon of miso paste, two large spoons of spicy korean soybean paste, about a large spoon of oyster sauce, half a chopped round onion, 2 cloves of garlic, and some salt and pepper. mix that all up, bring to boil and simmer for 30 minutes.

sides: you can use whatever you want. for our meat items we had cow tongue, beef flank, chuck, meatballs and fish cake. for the meats, try to get them sliced thin. if you can’t buy it thinly sliced than you can always freeze the meat a bit and take it out to slice yourself. you can use almost any vegetables you want like won bok, enoki mushrooms, beansprouts, and green onions. the noodles we used were bean thread (long rice) but you can use anything you like. mochi is also a nice addition but we forgot to buy some at the market. also, cook some rice to eat with your meat.

sauces: the more sauces the better for me! these sauces are used for you to dip your meats in. there are recipes out there to make your own sauces but i just prefer to buy them premade. our favorite sauce is the sesame paste which is the tan colored one in the middle of the sauce dishes because it sticks nicely to your meat. i also love ponzu with some freshly cut chilis.

( i’ll add a tutorial on how to make the heart sushi on my next post. )