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curry house LOVE

mmmm curry! curry house has been one of my favorite stops for a great comforting meal of japanese curry since high school. while most people order their curry with rice, my order is usually the curry udon with spinach and a side of corn cream croquette (above). the udon was only added in a few years ago in the hawaii menu.
why do i love this place? because i’m a huge curry lover and their prices have always been reasonable. theres a good selection of sides to go with your curry, everything from kim chee to cheese. i would have to say most people love the chicken katsu curry with cheese. yep, cheese! cheese on curry is one of the greatest ideas EVER. everyone has their own personal combos and the menu also has premade combos as well. they once served black curry here (blackened from squid ink) but took it off the menu. i think people didn’t like getting their teeth stained. heir curry also taste a bit different from those block ones you buy in the market. my friend who worked there in high school told me what their secret is and well… it should stay a secret.